Matt Damon & Ben Affleck Movie "The Trade" Subject New York Yankees Pitcher to Sign Autographs in Toms River

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck plan to produce a movie called “The Trade.” It’s based on the true 1973 front-page story about Fritz Peterson and his New York Yankee teammate trading wives.

The Warner Bros. movie will be directed by Jay Roach, who directed “Meet the Parents” and “Austin Powers,” to name a few.

This is a love story like no other!

Former Yankees pitcher Fritz Peterson, who played along with the likes of legendary Micky Mantle, was tremendous at his position but was mostly remembered for his swapping of wives with teammate Mike Kekich.

It all started on July 15, 1972, Peterson and Kekich and their wives were invited for a special gathering at sports writer Maury Allen’s house, according to Peterson.

“He invited a bunch of us there, gathered at the table and had some beers. We sat down at the table. Mike’s wife was sitting across from me and my ex-wife was sitting across from him. During the meal, I bumped Susan’s foot. One of us then bumped back.” The couples started seeing each other more on off days until one night, something just “clicked” with Susan, Peterson said.

Months later, at an odd press conference at the old Yankee Stadium on March 4, 1973, Kekich and Peterson announced their family change-up.

While Mike and Marilyn weren’t so lucky with their marriage,  41 years later, Peterson is still with Susan.

“We’re still having a blast,” Peterson said. “We go out every night at 5:01 p.m. We laugh about our life, our kids.”

Fritz Peterson was a lefty starter for the New York Yankees from 1966 to 1974, earning All-Star status in 1970, when he went 20-11 on the mound.

And, it was not a great era in Pinstriper history.

The Yanks suffered through more than a decade without a trip to the playoffs, suffering sluggish numbers at the turnstiles, as well. All of that may be hard to believe these days, when the team is always in the postseason hunt and always drawing big crowds.

But, Peterson remembers those bad old days with both serious and funny stories in his newest book  “When the Yankees Were on the Fritz — Revisiting the Horace Clarke Era.”. His previous books were titled “Mickey Mantle is Going to Heaven” and “The Art of De-Conditioning.”

As a Yankee, Peterson went 109-106 with a 3.10 ERA and 81 complete games.

Now 73, he played a total of 11 years for the Yanks, Indians and Rangers, finishing up with career numbers of 133-131 and an ERA of 3.30.

He holds a place in Yankees history for having the lowest ERA in the history of the “old” Yankee Stadium at 2.52. Right behind him were Whitey Ford (2.58) and Mariano Rivera (2.61).

Fritz will be signing autographs September 13th at The Backstop's East Dover First Aid Sportscards & Memorabilia Show CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

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