As I talk to residents in Toms River this year, I find they are very upset over the 25% increase in property taxes over the past two years, but they are furious over the arrogance of the Commissioners of the Toms River Municipal Utilities Authority (TRMUA) and the Mayor and Council.  They are well aware that the Commissioners hired Brick Mayor Stephen Acropolis at $93,000, and that he kept his full time Mayor's salary of $53,000, and that they hired him after he hired Commissioner Juan Bellu to work in Brick Town Hall where he earns $149,000.  This is more than political cronyism, this is greed and arrogance.  For the record, another Commissioner, Joseph Bilotta, is reportedly a business partner of Mayor Acropolis which is another conflict at the TRMUA because Mr. Acropolis reports to the Commissioners.  Where does it end? It ends on November 8th.  We fully support Governor Christie's comments Wednesday to strengthen our ethics laws and eliminate the political shennanigans such as what's going on in Toms River and Brick Township.  It's too bad our local officials don't agree with the Governor.  For the past three and one-half years, Mayor Kelaher has been silent on this whole issue until I pressed him at a recent Council meeting.  My running mates and I will continue, however, to press the Mayor and Council to eliminate the Commissioners and bring the TRMUA operations into Town Hall.  We cannot afford the high cost of government in Toms River for another four years.  Paul Brush, former Mayor.

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      Mr. Brush is absolutely correct. It is more than a concern to see this type of political cronyism. At the least it leads to an arrogance of power which, in turn, ignores the best interests of all citizens. This is just one example of the type of behaviors among Middlesex County Democratic elected and appointed officials displayed that ranged from questionable to unethical to criminal over the past 20 years.

 The result: the incarceration of  officals from a 14th district legislative aide to a 15th district state senator; as well as mayors, assemblymen and others including some from the private sector. Even the former Middlesex County Sherriff/Democratic Party County Chair is under investigation for a jobs/promotions for cash scheme.

 It has been reported in the press that some of those under investigation from Middlesex County are also currently under investigation for criminal acts related to Ocean County.  

Is it not fascinating that in today's economy the qualified candidate pool is so narrow in Ocean County?

 Is Ocean County the Republican Party's Middlesex County?


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